Over 23 years of Criminal Justice and Investigative Experience


Dan Gleason retired from the Rochester Police Department in 2008, after serving over 22 years as a Patrol Officer and Investigator.  As a highly motivated investigator with RPD he conducted countless complex investigations, including: homicide, fraud, stolen property, child abuse and missing persons.  He also conducted cold case homicide and cold case sexual assault investigations.  In the performance of his investigator duties, he travelled nationwide to locate and interview witnesses and suspects.  In 2006, Dan was featured on the A&E's Cable TV show, Cold Case Files, Episode 112, titled "Innocence Lost/Danger At the Door" which described the Rochester, NY "School Girl Rapist" case.

In the private sector, working for the NY State Insurance Fund, Dan successfully conducted complex workers compensation fraud investigations on both the claimant and policyholder level.

Communication skills are developed over years of practice.  As a former police officer and investigator with RPD and NYSIF, Dan interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life, under the most trying of circumstances. He is well known for gaining the trust and confidence of strangers, and have them confess things they want to hold secret.  He writes concise, accurate reports that detail pertinent information.  His investigations have consistently withstood scrutiny in court, and he has been found to be a credible witness. Dan has formed positive long term relationships with various local and national governmental investigative agencies. 


AAS Criminal Justice, Monroe Community College, 2002


  • Crime Analysts School, 2000
  • VICAP training, F.B.I. Academy, 1999, 2001
  • Sex Offense Seminar, New York State Police Academy, 1998
  • Certified Voice Stress Analyzer Examiner, 1997
  • Criminal Investigators School, 1997
  • Certified Police Instructor, 1995
  • Interview and Interrogation, 1991

*Summary of A&E Cold Case Files -- Episode 112 "Innocence Lost/Stranger At the Door"

(exerpt from the A&E Website)  A district attorney uses a clever technique--a "John Doe indictment"--to give law enforcement officials the time they need to track down the Schoolgirl Rapist from Rochester, N. Y. And prosecutors reluctantly decide not to prosecute their lead suspect in the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl because they have only circumstantial evidence. But 12 years later, the cold case squad reopens the case, hoping DNA evidence will prove the suspect's guilt.