"I hired Dan to work on a very sensitive personal matter.  He was at all times professional and accomplished the target objective efficiently.  His communications were clear and concise - I recommend his services highly."
Jeff G, NYC, December


"As a former Assistant District Attorney, I had the opportunity to work closely with Dan Gleason on a number of child abuse cases when he was an investigator for the Rochester Police Department.  In every case, Investigator Gleason's work was impeccable, thorough and accurate.  With his cases, I never worried that some detail got missed.   His demeanor was always professional in and outside of the courtroom.  In fact, it wasn't just his work ethic that left me with a lasting impression, but how he interacted with the abused children.  He took them under his wing during such difficult times and even years after.  What a class act!  As an attorney now in private practice, I look forward to working with him in a different capacity." 
Ella Marshall, Esq., 
August 13, 2010

"I have known Dan for a number of years, having first met him when I was a prosecutor for the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office.  Dan was an investigator for the Rochester Police Department and I can attest to his outstanding investigative skills.  He was thorough, aggressive and extremely knowledgeable.   Dan dealt with some pretty difficult cases, including homicides and child sexual assaults.  He never waivered in his determination to see the job through and make sure justice was served.  Dan has compassion and wisdom.  His years of experience and intelligence make him a “top notch” choice for a Private Investigator." 
Heather Parker, Esq., Fiandach & Fiandach, August 2010

"Investigator Gleason has invariably impressed me as intelligent, hard working and professional.  During his assignment to the Impact team, Investigator Gleason has consistently demonstrated initiative and dedication, maintaining his tenacity and professionalism even during complex and difficult investigations.  He has a well-earned reputation as an investigator who tirelessly and thoroughly pursues every possible angle of an investigation and routinely collaborates with Assistant District Attorneys in order to ensure that he makes the strongest possible cases for prosecution." 
Cara Briggs, Esq., Rochester City School District, April, 2003 (former Deputy Chief, Domestic Violence Bureau and Child Abuse Bureau, Office of the District Attorney of Monroe County)